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At, we have a team of Financial Planners, committed to providing you with sound financial advices, life planning, protection planning, retirement planning and other financial planning to help you recognise and fulfil your life needs.


We understand that while your needs may evolve at different stages of life, your desire to protect you and your loved ones will always stay the same. That’s why it is important that you review your policy every now and then to bridge the gap between the protection you have, and the protection you need.


Sky Financial Planning understands how important it is to plan ahead for important occasions such as saving for your children’s education, starting a business or enjoying well-earned golden years in retirement.


Our Life Planners at Sky Financial Planning aims to help you find an investment approach that fits your financial goal and risk appetite by combining innovative products with expert advice.


Sky Financial Planning understands how important it is to plan for your retirement, to make it one of the best and most enjoyable periods of your life. You can choose from our wide range of products & services to match your individual needs, including endowment plans and annuities that coincide with your retirement.
My financial planner from Sky Financial Planning is really good and patient in assessing my needs. Helps me plan well without being too pushy. Good customer service!

What I really like about SkyFP is the regular reviews done to show me my financial position.
Wen Ying

Prompt and responsive, always ready to help. Good knowledge in financial products and is able to explain the pros as well as the cons well.

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