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Maternity insurance

Welcoming the birth of your child(ren) is one of the key milestone of your life. The pregnancy journey can be unpredictable. Other aspects cannot be insured, but financial assurance is one aspect that can be controlled. Why get a maternity plan?Your shield plan only...

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Premium financing

Amidst the low interest rates environment, premium financing is becoming an attractive option to finance insurance policies. Let me give a simple example of how it can make sense. For example, using a 1 mil annuity policy, paying 280k upfront and financing 720k at...

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Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for SMEs

For business owners, GOOD NEWS! As announced during the Supplementary Budget 2020, Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) will be enhanced raising the maximum funding support level from 70% to 80%. The scope of generic solutions will also be expanded to help enterprises...

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Does your car insurance cover flood damage?

As seen on the news recently, there are flash floods in Singapore on Tuesday. Link here: I received a text from a concerned client asking if his car insurance...

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Cancer survivors

Not long ago, in the course of work, I met a 22 year old girl, currently studying in a private university, and also doing freelance transcribing work to help supplement household income. During our conversation, she asked me if cancer survivors can get insurance. She...

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Common questions on investment

One common question that I got from my friends/clients on the topics of investments is how to get started. In the investment universe, the amount of information is indeed so overwhelming, causing some to be deterred. The purpose of setting up this website is to share...

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