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4 Reasons to be positive on Emerging Markets

Recently emerging markets have been gaining a lot of traction from fund houses, which is no coincidences, as it is backed by good fundamentals. Despite worries on Trump administration affecting the growth of the emerging markets economies, the MSCI Emerging Markets...

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Money not enough? You believe?

Despite being fairly well paid, many feel that they are not able to save enough. Following are some common "reasons" that I heard, and what I honestly feel. "I don't come from a rich family." - Duh, not many people have the privilege of being born wealthy.  Warren...

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Starting a robust investment portfolio?

Wanting to start an investment portfolio? China's economic slowdown, Brexit, US Presidential Election. US Federal Reserves rates hike, Italy referendum. These are the events that happened in 2016, and also impacted the market. These are also used as an excuse to delay...

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What to do with your year end bonus?

Top of the list for many people would be to give yourself a treat and pamper yourself. Sure, nothing wrong to reward yourself for a year of hard work. How about allocating a portion so that you can get a lifetime of rewards? Imagine getting a bonus year on year on top...

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Can I have a minute of your time?

Have you been approached when you are out? "Can I have a minute of your time?" How many times have you heard this? More often than not, you would have brush it off, citing busy, saying that you do not have the time. You spend all your time working hard for money, at...

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