As seen on the news recently, there are flash floods in Singapore on Tuesday. Link here:

I received a text from a concerned client asking if his car insurance covers for flood damages. My immediate thinking is whether his car is badly damaged. Thankfully, he asked out of curiosity.

Answer for this is subjective and highly dependent on the type of policy purchased. First and foremost, for AXA motor insurance, only comprehensive cover provides such coverage. Under comprehensive cover, there are plans such as Essential, Flexi, Peace, For Her, FlexiFamily, and more. The various plans have differing coverage and the choice depends on the needs of each car owner.

Extracted from policy document. Note that the full policy document in whole need to be taken into context. Extract is shown for brevity.

In summary, the policy he has does cover. With unexpected events happening, always prudent to work with your financial planner evaluate the risk you are exposed to. Does your car insurance policy cover?

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