Doing investments is a good step towards financial freedom. While it is ideal to be involved in equities for a potentially higher returns, being vested 100% in equities is a risky move. When you require cash flow, you may be caught in the bear market, and you may be forced to liquidate at a bad price.

Therefore, it is ideal to manage your portfolio holistically, so as to ensure consistent cash flow in your active working years, well into your retirement years. That’s where plans with guaranteed features come into the picture. Endowments / retirement plans serve to provide a safety net. With premium waiver option, savings are not interrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Whether lump sum or annuity plan, depends on your situation.

Ultimately, it’s all about balancing your portfolio to give yourself a piece of mind and satisfactory returns to risks. Share your portfolio planning with me, and I can walk you through your personalised retirement road map. Your future self will thank you for the decision you made today.

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